What does it mean to belong to the leather tribe? Is it a way of life?

Leather is not a practice or a way of life, it is a philosophy that guides the lives of those who choose it. The leather philosophy guides the self, interactions with others and relationships with objects and ideas. It is a connectedness to oneself and to others. Leather philosophy is personal but it is rooted in connections with others and helping one find a place in the world.

What does this conference mean to the leather tribe and what does it accomplish?

Southwest Leather Conference offers all guests a place to learn about various facets of alternative lifestyles and partake in a variety of activities. For those folks who are guided by leather philosophy it is a place to share ideas about the philosophy that guides us and celebrate our innermost desires.

A lot of people, due to misconceived notions, are afraid to come to an event like this. What would you like to say to them?

Southwest Leather Conference is often perceived as the ‘woo woo conference’ (our nickname for "spirituality") and some people think that the event is all about the ‘woo’. But there is more than ‘woo’. We're about merging our leather sexuality with leather spirituality. We're about being real and authentic in the moment and embracing and celebrating our fetishes and desires. Southwest Leather Conference offers guests countless opportunities to reach beyond our current limits - mental, emotional, physical or spiritual. Come with an open mind and do not hesitate to ask questions. Also come for the hot leather sex!

Who attends SWLC?

SWLC is designed for anyone interested in leather lifestyles. The conference is for singles, couples, triads, leather families...everyone!  The conference draws leatherfolk of all genders, orientations and persuasions.  What better way to escape the frigid winter than to bask in the sunshine of Phoenix in January with your leather family?

What are the workshops about?

Our workshop topics cover everything from spiritual development, to the ritualistic practice of SM, to self-exploration, to relationship building for leather roles and identities of all types.

Does SWLC provide ASL interpreters for the deaf and hard of hearing?

SWLC furnishes at least one ASL interpreter for the deaf and hard of hearing members of our community, specifically the Friday night Opening Ceremonies and the Saturday night Contest Event. Please advise us of any special needs when you register for the conference and we will do our best to provide for your ASL needs.

What is the Dance Of Souls?

The Dance of Souls is our concluding ritual that takes place at the end of the conference on Sunday afternoon. This voluntary ritual is a celebration of spirit in an age-old primal primitive fashion.  The ritual provides a unique experience for those interested in concluding the weekend in an ecstatic dance of unity and transformation.

There is an additional fee to participate in this event and, because space is limited, participation is on a "first come / first served" basis.  The Dance is so popular that it fills to capacity every year and the event Producers maintain a formal automated Wait List to accommodate as many as we can. Additional details can be found on the Dance of Souls page of this website.

Who do I contact if I have more questions?

Please feel free to contact us for any questions you may have.